Tuesday, 16 June 2009

What is this Hack the Joggler stuff?

The O2 Joggler is a very nice bit of hardware. It has a beautiful hi-res touchscreen, 512mb of RAM, a dual core intel atom processor and 1gb of built memory. Not to mention WiFi, ethernet and USB connectivity.

Taking the form of a digital photoframe, this device offers so much more. I have mine on top of my fridge serving all my mp3s to my kitchen hi-fi, I can look up recipes, listen to internet radio, watch videos / youtube all in my kitchen whilst I'm cooking and or cleaning. Actually I can't do any of that because O2 has CRIPPLED this device with awful software and they assume that all you want to do is use the calendar function. They haven't even included a web browser.

Hack the Joggler is a blog and a forum where joggler owners gather to share there successes and failures at hacking this stunning gadget. The ultimate goal is to install an new operating system, Ubuntu, Android or whatever and set this thing free to achieve its full potential.

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